Energie Steiermark - Integrated pre-drying of biomass

As a regional energy supplier, Energie Steiermark AG has large interest in developing environmentally friendly and resource-saving processes for power generation.
ENEXSA supported a project to develop a highly efficient biomass-fired power plant by designing a thermodynamic model of a power plant with integrated pre-drying of the biomass fuel.

Drying processes of various vendors were integrated into the model of a biomass-fired district heat power plant, and the recovery of the latent heat in the power plant process can now be analyzed based on detailed heat balances.  A user-friendly interface to Excel manages the model input including all process parameters, and results are displayed in tabular and graphical formats.


A training seminar for the project team provided the in-depth knowledge and skills in using the heat balance software, so that future modifications to the model that was designed very flexible and user-friendly can be performed by Energie Steiermark engineers on their own.


ENEXSA supports Ukrainian War Refugees

ENEXSA supports Ukrainian War Refugees

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