Digital Twins

ENEXSA designs and delivers Digital Twins for various applications
Turn-key plant simulation models are among ENEXSA´s core competencies. A Digital Twin is a virtual replica of the power plant that represents the process over the entire range of operating conditions and in all possible combinations of the equipment. Comprehensive data exchange allows for various applications to accurately simulate, monitor or forecast performance at overall plant and individual equipment level.

Fuel Demand Models

Fuel Demand Models represent contracted performance guarantees. While the contract typically includes a limited number of guaranteed points, the bonus-penalty calculations for plant efficiency shall be performed under every possible condition over the entire operating range of the power plant. This is accomplished through a physics-based simulation model (Digital Twin) that includes sub-models of all major plant components which in detail reflect the respective performance guarantees.

Planning Models
Planning Models based on vendor guarantee data or measured 'as built' performance information enable the plant personnel to investigate the effect of various conditions and settings. Through the Digital Twin accurate predictive studies based on scenarios of future operation can be performed.

Data Reconciliation Models
The process of data reconciliation uses a thermodynamic model of the plant and information on the quality of the individual plant sensors together with statistical analysis to create a set of heat balance data that comes closest to the measured raw data and at the same time complies with the balances of mass and energy. Plant operations and maintenance teams benefit from reliable data and unbiased indicators of measurement quality.


Digital Twins
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