Process Simulation

Thinking is good – double-checking is better. Only simulation will show you the real benefits and inherent limitations of your plant
The simulation model of the plant produces detailed information about every sub-process under all ambient and operational conditions.  This is the best way to effectively determine the physical limitations of the plant and to comprehensively evaluate plant performance!

Process simulation enables time and cost effective analysis of many different operating points, which allows the equipment and plant to be designed for safety and efficiency from the start.  The evaluation of alternative concepts is based on a large quantity of information and may also include a sensitivity analysis in form of the extensive variation of assumptions and boundary conditions.

For plant operation, process simulation provides the opportunity to convert complex inter-relations of the process into an understandable format, or – by evaluating scenarios – to guide the plant operator to the optimum operating mode of the plant under given operating conditions.

Our engineers have long-term experience in the use but also in the development of heat balance codes.  Through our know-how in software design, we can quickly adapt our tools to the requirements of the technical problem, and we can also integrate our models with other software applications of our clients.

For power plant simulation, ENEXSA uses the heat balance software EBSILON®Professional by IQONY Solutions GmbH, Germany.  EBSILON excels through outstanding usability, a powerful and robust solver algorithm, and extraordinary flexibility in modelling options.

If you want to learn more about EBSILON®Professional, please contact us.



Process Simulation
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ENEXSA supports Ukrainian War Refugees

ENEXSA supports Ukrainian War Refugees

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