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Think of your expectations when looking for professional consultancy and customized software systems. You need optimal solutions quickly, with high competence, and without re-work.  The qualities of ENEXSA will be the cornerstone of your success.
Optimal Solutions
Know-how is the key ingredient to our success. ENEXSA combines core competence in power engineering with profound process knowledge and in-depth know-how in both, software development and software application.

Comprehensive Results
Versatility is the ability to apply knowledge across various fields of engineering. Without versatility the best know-how may result in sub-optimal solutions. While focussing on the thermodynamic optimisation of thermal power plants, ENEXSA understands and considers other important aspects such as plant reliability or operability in connection with industrial processes.




Highest Quality
Highest quality in engineering can only be maintained by a continuous strive for improving knowledge and processes. ENEXSA operates a quality management system certified according to ISO 9001 : 2015 and lives a culture of permanent development, applying knowledge management and continuous training.

Maximum Synergies
Know-how without the capability to communicate with others is at a high risk of failure. Reaching solutions with maximum synergies is fundamental to achieving optimal results. ENEXSA has a proven track record in large international projects with multi-national cooperation, such as IWPP tenders in the Middle East.

Fast and Precise Analysis
Tools without know-how are useless. Know-how without tools is not efficient. The application of state-of-the-art software tools enables evaluating design ideas faster and more accurately, and precisely predicting complex scenarios of future plant operation allows making better investment decisions.


ENEXSA supports Ukrainian War Refugees

ENEXSA supports Ukrainian War Refugees

Check out our webinar on business critical settlement systems

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