Settlement Systems

PASS - Plant Accounting and Settlement Systems
With our PASS software (Plant Accounting and Settlement System), ENEXSA offers a multifunctional software system that can be configured to exactly reproduce the regulations and performance guarantees of the contract.

Production capacity and fuel efficiency of power and cogeneration plants are highly dependent on operating conditions. Thus, commercial contracts for independent power producers typically combine the tariff calculations with complex thermodynamic models of the plant.

PASS includes modules for various contract requirements, such as:
  • Archiving of raw and processed data
  • Fuel Demand Models
  • Tariff calculation for metered production, production capacity, availability and fuel efficiency
  • Manual data input and reporting
  • Invoice generation
  • Access control and logging of system interactions
  • Data export and display

ENEXSA delivers turn-key settlement systems for energy supply contracts up to electronic invoice generation including hardware and on-site commissioning.  Besides the technical services for system design and implementation, our scope of services also includes support of contract negotiations, authorities engineering and service agreements for technical user support and software maintenance.



Settlement Systems
Dr. Josef Petek
+43 (316) 400 9800


ENEXSA supports Ukrainian War Refugees

ENEXSA supports Ukrainian War Refugees

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