Peter Pechtl
Managing Director

Peter Pechtl is ENEXSA's principal consultant and chief technologist for power plant engineering. He has more than 30 years of experience in energy systems research, thermodynamic simulation and conceptual design of thermal power systems.

Martin Posch
Manager R&D

Martin Posch combines an in-depth education and professional experience in process engineering with many years of experience in simulation and software development. He is the author of ENEXSA's heat balance programs and numerous other software applications related to power plant engineering.

Josef Petek
Manager Commercial Operations

Throughout his career, Josef Petek has held a variety of positions around thermodynamic simulation programs, from process engineering and product management to sales and marketing. At ENEXSA he is responsible for the commercial operations of the company.

Peter Hartner
Manager Software Systems

Peter Hartner is a renowned expert in the field of settlement systems and fuel demand models for long-term power and water purchase agreements. Under his guidance, ENEXSA's software systems branch has become a leading provider for turn-key plant accounting and settlement systems in the Middle East, Northern Africa, and South-East Asia.

Martin Pölzl
Manager Process Engineering

With more than 15 years of experience in the thermodynamic simulation of thermal power plants for planning purposes, performance monitoring and operational optimization, Martin Pölzl has a wealth of experience that makes him an essential component of ENEXSA's success.

Miguel Prokop
Manager Software Engineering

Miguel Prokop is the mastermind behind numerous software developments that set ENEXSA apart from the mainstream power industry. Thanks to his tools, ENEXSA is able to enrich the world of Big Data with accurate, reliable and correct data for power plants that are based on detailed simulation models.


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